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Go! Go! Perth is a support structure formed in 2020 by Australian migrants from Taiwan and Hong Kong aimed to facilitate the adaptation of life in Perth and to make your Australian experience more interesting.

We understand what it is like to face language barrier, deal with cultural shock as well as day to day problems when trying to assimilate into the Australian community. That is what the founders and our associated professionals are here for, so come grow with us.



Property & Built Environment

Architecture and Building is the study of the art, science and techniques involved in designing, constructing, adapting and maintaining public,

Creative Arts

Creative Arts is the study of creating and performing works of art, music, dance and drama

Teaching & Education

Education is the study of the process of learning. It includes the theories, methods and techniques of imparting knowledge and skills to others.

Engineering & Mathematics

Engineering is the study of the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and functioning of machines, products, systems and...

Food, Hospitality and Personal Services

Food, Hospitality and Personal Services is the study of preparing, displaying and serving food and beverages, providing hospitality services,

Medical & Health Sciences

Health is the study of maintaining and restoring the physical and mental well-being of humans and animals.

Information Technology & Computer Science

Information Technology is the study of the processing, transmitting and storage of information by computers.

Business & Management

Management and Commerce is the study of the theory and practice of planning, directing, organising, motivating and co-ordinating the


Natural and Physical Sciences is the study of all living organisms and inanimate natural objects, through experiment, observation and deduction.


In Perth

Curtin University

Edith Cowan University (ECU)

Murdoch University

University of Western Perth

The University of Notre Dame Australia

TAFE International Western Australia


For English

Perth International College of English (PICE)

Navitas English

Pheonix Academy

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